As Ethiopians Let Us Live in Love and Peace – Artist Zeritu Kebede

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Girma Alemu

The renowned vocalist Zeritu Kebede said “stop killing innocent Ethiopians” in front of 10,000 strong audience at millennium hall, Addis Ababa.

The Artist used the occasion to send her message to the minority Ethiopian government to stop its ethnic politics that it propagates in the hope of extending its brutal rule on the country. The vocalist publicly opposed the killing and the displacement of Ethiopians that is happening in many regions of the country.

The Artist became emotional reminded by the clash that ensued on the border of Oromia and Somali region which resulted to several deaths and thousands of displacements. She stopped her musical performance and started preaching the crowd. She informed the crowed; “Love will win”, “peace will win”.

The vocalist reminded the crowed, when I stand before you, I don’t see Amhara, Gurage, Oromo or any other ethnic group for that matter, I see only and only humans.  Her comment was received with frantic applause by the audience. In continuing, the artist included, we all have to be mindful not to resort to killing and other violence. We should preserve the love and the unity we maintained for centuries. Let us be defeated by love and live in peace and harmony.

In this concert there were other popular artists present, including Ali Birra, Abinet Agonafir, Michael Belayneh, Abdu Kiar and Wiz Kids.

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