Breaking News: Prominent Ethiopian opposition leader reportedly arrested by the Ethiopian government security forces

Abbay Media News

Surafel Asrat

A prominent opposition leader and Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress, Professor Merera Gudina, has reportedly arrested by the Ethiopian government security forces upon his returning from Europe. It has been known that Professor Gudina was one of the invitees along with Professor Berhanu Nega, Chairman of patriotic Ginbot 7, in a recent Brussels European parliament hearing about the grave human right situation in Ethiopia.

Unconfirmed sources from Addis Ababa, a capital city of Ethiopia, speculate that professor Gudina has arrested yesterday by the government security forces while in his way to home. The same sources told Abbay Media that the cause of his arrest might be related with the Belgium Ethiopian community meeting that was attended by both Professor Merera Gudina and Berhanu Nega.

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