Ethiopian prisoner of conscience Mr Bekele Gerba life in risk due to lack of medical care

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Zerihun Tessema

Mr. Bekele Gerba Ethiopian prisoner of conscience and lecturer in Addis Ababa University life is in danger due to lack of medical care.

In spite of the fact that his illness is becoming series, his appeal to get medical permission not accepted and he is still not allowed any treatment, his daughter Bontu Bekele said to Deutsche Welle German Amharic. His daughter Ms. Bontu who visited him on Dec 23, 2017, said that Mr. Bekele is extremely ill.

In the interview with Deutsche Welle German Amharic, his daughter Ms. Bontu Bekele said that he is still suffering in notorious Ethiopian prison with serious blood pressure and headache.

Although He was claiming the custody officers to give him access to medical treatment, they told him to take the medicine twice that was taken only once in a day.

Since they are not told the reason that Mr. Bekele denial of medical access, his daughter Ms. Bontu is prepared to take the situation to the court by their attorney.

Bekele is a devoted advocate of non-violence and is one of tens of thousands who were imprisoned during the nonviolent protest that has swept throughout Ethiopia since two years ago.


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