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Fidel Castro, a revolutionary iconic figure  for many African countries and of course for Cuba, today announced died  by a state television at the age 90. Mr. Castro was a keen player for Cuban Revolution in the 1950s and ruled Cuba  for 49 years as an ironman. Fidel Castro was idolized  as a hero among his supporters. They see him as a true revolutionary leader who’s standing against the united states which is the most powerful country in the world.

It is obvious that Fidel Castro was a very controversial leader who was believing in communism and staunch critic of the United States. Even though he was hailed as a true revolutionary leader by his admirers, Mr. Castro also seen by many people within and outside of Cuba as a cold blooded and ruthless dictator who’s never hesitate to kill or torture his own people.

The animosity between Castro and the United States had occurred during the beginning of the 1960s. In the era of cold war between the Americans and Russians, the unpredictable  revolutionary leader offered a strategic base to Russia  to launch a nuclear strike against the United States. Right after this incidence, the Americans and Fidel Castro became an enemy.       

It is also known that he was loved by many Ethiopians and got a very warm welcome when he came to Ethiopia for visit. Fidel Castro visited Ethiopia in September 1978. The people of Ethiopia and the derg officials treated him as a hometown hero.   


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