Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians delivered monetary donations to the displaced Amhara people sheltered in Bahir Dar


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Yassin Ibrahim

The Ethiopian diaspora organization, Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians, donated 801 thousand Eth Birr to help the displaced Amharas that were expelled from Benishangul Gumuz region and sheltered in churches in the city of Bahir Dar.

The Amharas that have lived in Benishangul and Gumuz region for their entire life were forced out of their homes on April 24, 2018 leaving their homes and properties behind running for their life. The displaced that have since been sheltered at St George church in Bahir Dar have not gotten the attention of either the regional or the federal governments. However, said these displaced people, the residents of Bahir Dar and diaspora Ethiopians have come to the rescue and have stayed along thanks to the mass media that brought to light our existence.

Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians, shortly known as Global Alliance, has previously sent 25 thousand US dollars to displaced victims in Oromia and Somali regions. It has sent ten thousand Ethiopian Birr each to 21 families who either wounded or lost a family member due to the government brutality in Woldia town of Amhara region. Global Alliance has also given ten thousand Eth Birr to each of the 33  released political prisoners who face financial hardship to return home.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that it was the kebele administration office from Kebelo Dedessa that wrote the order addressed to Amharas living in Benishangul Gumuz region ordering them to sell off their propertie, vacate their houses and leave the area by April 08 or April 18, 2018. The order warned that should they not comply the administration will use force to expell them.

Global Alliance is headed by the well known artist and human rights activist Tamagne Beyene and was founded in the aftermath of grusome treatment and expulsion of Ethiopian nationals from Saudi Arabia when the Ethiopian government showed complete disregard. Since then the alliance has helped Ethiopians stranded everywhere on the globe including, Libya, Kenya, etc.

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