Ogden Liberation Front Soldiers said attacked Ethiopian Soldiers

Abbay Media News
Girma Molla

The Ogaden Liberation Front, Halga branch, revealed, on Hidar 5, 2009, it attacked Ethiopian Government soldiers in guerrilla fighting who caused unimaginable suffering and harassment on villagers at Duhuhun District. The Front’s military branch also indicated that they have killed 5 and wounded 7 regime’s soldiers whom it believes have did forceful raping, biting and mass imprisonment on villagers.

After the emergency declaration, the Ethiopian regime soldiers have increased the suffering of the peaceful Ogaden people with increased vigor. The Ethiopian soldiers have abused and killed two youths who reside in Fiq and Garbo districts and have wounded two more. In addition, youths in Oromia and other regions have been warned not to join the popular uprising. The Ethiopian regime security has increased the mass arrest and imprisonment of youths, especially, in Qarud, Shebelle, Shenille, Danan, Birqot and Gudis. In spite of all the harassment, the regions youths have said they support the popular uprising and National change that are going on by the Ethiopian people. The military branch also included, starting from 2007 in European calendar, the Ethiopian regime have done several human rights violations in the region and have presented the list of the individuals who are  imprisoned, wounded and those whom action have been taken.

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