Perth Ethiopian Orthodox followers celebrated Epiphany

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Girma Alemu

The two Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Churches administered under the legitimate synod in exile have today celebrated epiphany with the participation of parishioners in Perth.

The two churches namely; Perth Debre Medhanit Medhane Alem, Debre Hayl Kidus Gabriel and Kidane Mehret, were having difficulties working together for the past four years. Few months back they ironed out their differences and have agreed to work together and serve the God of love and peace. It was a historic day because the churches came together and brought the ‘Tabots’ to the same place and on the actual day and celebrated Epiphany today, 19 January 2017. The ceremony was blessed by Archbishop Petros of the legitimate Ethiopian Orthodox church synod

The ceremony started early today at 6 AM by bringing the ‘Tabot’ of Debre Medhanit Medhane Alem from its address in Darch and came down to Debre Hayl Kidus Gabriel and Kidane Mehret Church in Malaga to proceed together to the place of the ceremony in Bayswater, Perth. Sermons were conducted where prayers were made by guest priests who came from Melbourne and Adelaide including the priest of the two brotherly Churches from Perth.

Towards the end, certificate presentation was made to two elders who were involved in the effort to bring the two churches together. An enjoyable free lunch was offered to all the people who attended the ceremony.

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