The federal government of Ethiopia warned the regional administrative government of the Somali region of Ethiopia

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Shiberu Tamerat

The false news and propaganda peddled by the Somali regional administration of Ethiopia, in particular through the regional communication bureau, is extremely dangerous and is causing great strife amongst the people in the region said the federal communication bureau of Ethiopia and is warning the Somali regional communication bureau and stop such behavior.

The federal communication bureau of Ethiopia has issued a stern warning to the Somali regional government, to desist from inciting daily hate propaganda and injecting conflict among people, otherwise, the federal government will be forced to take drastic measures to protect the peace and stability of the region altogether. The federal communication bureau headed by Dr. Negeri Lencho, directed the Somali regional administration, in particular Mr. Idris Ismail, head of the public relations bureau of the Somali regional administration, to remove incendiary comments from its websites and social media Facebook account, and stop the posting of hateful messages that is causing ethnic strife in the region. The federal government has asked the Oromo and Somali regional administrations to refrain from instigating hate mongering between the two people. However, the federal government is holding the Somali regional administration for breaking the recent law instituted to help temper the civil strife in the region.

Somali region President Abdi Mohammed Omer (A.KA. Abdi Eli) and Mr. Idris Ismail, the region’s head of public relation are known for spreading fake propaganda and stoking conflict between the Oromo and Somali people. The federal government of Ethiopia yesterday has sent a stern warning to Mr. Ismail Idris, who posted on his personal and the region’s Facebook account, “The Oromo Peoples war against Ethiopian Somalis” and cites as an example of the hate bait campaign that the Somali region’s leadership is promoting. The federal government is working tirelessly to find a solution to the conflict between the Oromo and Somali regions and expressed its disappointment to see the officials of the Somali region undermining the government’s effort and warned the officials residing in Jijiga, that this matter will not be treated lightly by the government of Ethiopia.

In the recent conflict between the Oromo and Somali regions, over hundreds of lives have been lost on both sides, over 150,000 Oromo’s have been displaced from Somali region, while 392 Somali’s living in Eastern Oromia have been displaced.

While the heads of the two regions are pointing fingers at each other as to who is to be held accountable for the loss of life and economic damages in the region, actions of past few weeks of the Somali regional administration and communication official’s irresponsible behavior is incomprehensible.

After a long silence and like a person awakened from a deep sleep, the federal government communication bureau, realizing the danger of the incendiary propaganda coming out of the Somali region, has issued a very strong warning to the Somali regional government last night.



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