[Video] YPFDJ Europe Conference – The vision of EriSpora in the 21st Century "FOCUS ON YPFDJ & HIDRI"


By Eritrea Embassy Media

Embassy Media talks to members of Young-PFDJ, HIDRI & NUEW during this year’s YPFDJ Europe Conference, in Brussels, marks the 13th year anniversary of the beginning of the youth movement under the theme “OUR VISION: REGIONAL & INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP 4 PEACE & DEVELOPMENT.

This movement started in Bielefeld, Germany in 2005. Building a strong, conscious and patriotic Eritrean youth movement globally has been and continues to be part of the nation building process for the YPFDJ. Throughout Eritrea’s history and struggle for liberation, Eritrean nationals residing in diaspora played an active role for Eritrea’s independence. This legacy continues to provide with important guidance amidst the development of strong Eritrean communities and their participation in Eritrea’s nation building process.

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